edg believes that qualified talent and effective communication are indispensable to a successful project. In Mainland China, the industry of interior design started to develop in the early 1990’s. Since then, edg has filled its ranks with design, construction and marketing professionals from around the world to build a world-class team. To ensure effective communication, edg provides teams based on the client’s language and cultural background. In addition, consistent internal and external training is essential for employee growth and we have invested much time, effort and cost into ensuring that all our staff are provided with the best available training all year round. edg’s Knowledge Management platform also ensures valuable knowledge is retained and shared internally.


                            Current Positions Available


                            1. Business Development Officer

                            Job Description:??????????? ?

                            1. Implementation of Sales/Marketing Strategy on a regional basis;??????

                            2. Implementation of marketing campaigns ( direct and operational);?

                            3. Responsible for reaching the sales target on a regional basis;??????????? ?

                            4. Maintaining a network of Senior Level Clients/Trade Partners/ PM;

                            5. Management of the sales team;???????????? ?

                            6. Management of Key Accounts.?????????????? ?


                            Requirements:???????????? ?

                            1.At least 4 years work experience in marketing, retail, construction, MEP or interior fit-out;???????? ??? ?

                            2. At least 2 years managerial experience;?????????????? ?

                            3. Fluent in oral and written Chinese & English;???????? ?

                            4. Good presentation and communication skills are required.?


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